Feb 13

Beyonce Knowles – Super Bowl 2013 (Funny Photos)

Isn’t she a beauty? And so much sense for funny faces










Jul 10

Larissa Riquelme Naked After Worldcup 2010

Remember Larissa Riquelme? She is the hot and sexy fan of the national soccer team from Paraguay. And before the semi final game she promised to get naked, if the team beats Holland. As you know, Paraguay lost. But to all our surprise, “Lari” has gotten naked anyway. That’s the spirit!

Jul 10

Elizabeth Hurley Topless at the Beach

Wow. Don’t we all love summer? Hot weather, tiny shorts and naked women? The last part is especially true if paparazzi spot some naked female celebrity. Check out these topless pictures of actress/model Elizabeth Hurley. Can you believe, she is 45 years old. (Continue for NSFW photos)

Jul 10

Larissa Riquelme Naked (Paraguay Female Fan)

You must have heard the story: Larissa Riquelme, a underwear model from Paraguay will get naked and run around the city of Asuncion if Paraguay beats Spain and qualifies for the semi finals.

Larissa-Riquelme-1 Larissa-Riquelme-2 Larissa-Riquelme-7 Larissa-Riquelme-9 Larissa-Riquelme-10 Larissa-Riquelme-17

Guess what? Killinks has got some hot and topless photos of the model. Click to view them. Continue reading →

Jul 10

Katy Perry Topless Teasing

Some more photos have made their ways to the Internet on July 2nd:

And here is the video with naked Katy

Apr 10

Amanda Seyfried nude in “Chloe”

So fantastic.

Mar 10

Diablo Cody Nude Photo/Pics

Guess what? Diablo is hot again! Well, personally she was hot all the time, but now she seems to be a very, very trending topic on the Internet. So why not give you what you want?

Nude photos of Diablo Cody, author and writer, former stripper. Continue reading →

Mar 10

Paris Hilton Nude Sunbathing

Paris Hilton with some dude sunbathing naked at a pool somewhere in Mexico, I guess.

Mar 10

Tron Legacy – Trailer

The High Def trailer for Tron Legacy (aka Tr2n) is now out in a new version. And I have to say: wow. Never thought this would be so much fun to watch. And there is even a little suprise in the movie I didn’t know about.

Our darling Olivia Wilde will be in the movie. In some hot and tight dress!
Olivia Wilde, Tron Legacy Trailer
Olivia Wilde, Tron Legacy Trailer
Warning, the photos are full HD resolution. But hey, only the best for our readers 😉

Download the trailers from here.

Feb 10

Lindsay Vonn Sexy Winter Photos

Can we get a gold medal in the Winter Olympics for the most sexiest ski bunny? Look at these hot Lindsay Vonn, winner of a gold medal in Vancouver.