Apr 10

Nelson Haha

Just a small little website. Perfect!


Mar 10

Nicole Scherzinger in FHM Spain (April 2010)

Can’t wait for the summer … *mjam*

Jan 10

The Consequences of Sex [Comic]


Dec 09

Hey Silvio, Here is the truth


Pretty funny 🙂

“Jo?” – “Chuck? This’ yo presidents” – “yo, sire?” – “i got a problem …” – “say no more sire!” *roundhouse kicking* – “good job, your country ownz you one, chuck”.

Don’t ask what your country does for you, ask what you can to for your (president) country 😉

Oct 09

Da Vinci Surfs Da Web

I lol’ed
da vinci surfs da web
[via Technotuesday.com]

Oct 09

Marge shows her Body

We promised you the pictures of Marge’s Playboy story.
Playboy: When did you first know Homer was the one?
Marge: Well, when the doctor said i was pregnant. I heard a voice saying “That’s the man you are going to marry.” The voice was my mother’s.

Here they are inclusive an interview and a questionnaire
(Well, after the Jump, because they are NSFW)
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Oct 09

D’oh! Marge Simpson Naked In Playboy Magazine

Well well. Looks like the Simpsons need some money. And how can woman solve that problem? By getting naked for a special collectors edition of the November issue of the Playboy! Yeah, right Marge Simpson is posing nude in the Playboy.

Marge Simpson Playboy - Marge Simpson Playboy Pics - Sexy Photos Of Marge Simpson In Playboy

Pretty cool stunt by Matt Groening and Playboy Inc. And rest assured, we will post them. Uncensored.

Oct 09

Women Equal Problems (Math)


Women = Time * Money
Time = Money
=> Women = Money * Money = (Money)^2
Money = SQRT(Problems)
=> Women = (SQRT(Problems))^2
=> Women = Problems

Oct 09

Roman Polanski and his Oscar

I laughed…

Clay Jones, «The Freelance-Star».

Clay Jones, «The Freelance-Star».

Here are some more…

Dave Granlund.

Dave Granlund.

Jerry Holbert, «The Boston Herald»

Jerry Holbert, «The Boston Herald»

Sep 09

Sniff Sniff Comic

Sniff_Sniff-1 Sniff_Sniff-2 Sniff_Sniff-3 Sniff_Sniff-4 Sniff_Sniff-5 Sniff_Sniff-6 Sniff_Sniff-7 Sniff_Sniff-8 Sniff_Sniff-9 Sniff_Sniff-10 Sniff_Sniff-11