Aug 09

Poppy Montgomery Nipple and Nude Photos

Wow! I’ve always been a fan of Poppy Montgomery (well, actually the reason I watched Without a Trace. And today I saw these great nude photos of her in the September issue of FHM. Just stunning.

And if you take a good look, you can even see some nipple.
PoppyMontgomery-003 See the rest of the Photos

Aug 09

New Budweiser Commercial

In case you wonder, the city is Chicago.

Aug 09

TV Junkies Waiting for Fall

If you are a TV and series junk as most of the killinks team is, you can not wait for Semptember. Thats the time new series and old series return to the TV. And thanks to YouTube you can now preview many of the series online.
Just check in on youtube.com/falltvpreview and click yourself trough the “wall of series”.
You can also vote on each trailer.

Watch and vote for more than 80 of your favorite Fall TV shows! You can vote on each trailer – The winning trailer gets to be on the YouTube Homepage on September 16!

YouTube - falltvpreview_s Channel_1251175589086

Not all previews are working for Non-US visitors.

Aug 09

Zwei Wochen in Mexico


Aug 09

Weird AXE Shower Gel Collection

Manuel is a collector. He collects lots of things. And recently he gave us an exclusive look to one of his collections:
The AXE Shower Gel Collection

there-will-be-axe-shower-gel there-will-be-axe-shower-gel-2

He notes that those 16 gels aren’t all that are currently available or have been available, there are more. We think this is an impressive collection.

Photo © by Manuel M. Thanks buddy

Aug 09

Jennifer Love Hewitt Tennis Dress Code

Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off her new dress code for playing and learning tennis. Sexy, sexy and very sexy.

playing-tennis-Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-way playing-tennis-Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-way-1

What the hell was she thinking? There is no way you can run in that bikini without having your tit..em..breasts…. bouncing.

Aug 09

Getting your Money worth in NYC Subway

19 year old model Jocelyn Saldana stripped naked in a New York City subway in front of the passengers. Imagine their surprise ;). This all was for an art project by Zach Hyman.
Full nude picture after the jump.

You know, Not Safe For Work (NSFW)… Continue reading →

Aug 09

Britney Spears Does Letterman`s Top 10 List

“Top Ten Ways The Country Would Be Different If Britney Spears Were President” presented by Britney Spears in a hot Bikini at the “late show” with Letterman.

Aug 09

USB Cooler and Warmer for Drinks

Just seen this on German televison RTL Punkt 12:

usb-cooler-heater-001 usb-cooler-heater-002
An USB cooler and heater/warmer for your drinks. It keeps your energy drink cool or your coffee warm. You can order the device online for $17 and free shipping. Pretty cool (or hot)!

Gerade eben auf RTL in den Sendung Punkt 12 entdeckt: Ein USB Getränke kühler oder wärmer. Es kühlt sämtliche Getränke wie Red Bull, Eistee oder wärmt den Morgenkaffe und Tee. Einfach das Getränk auf die Platte stellen, am Computer/PC oder Laptop einstecken und den schalter auf “wärmen” oder “kühlen” stellen. Und schon bleibt das Getränk auf angenehmer Temperatur.
Bestellen kann man das Gerät online für ca. 12 Euro inkl. Porto. Ziemlich cool (oder hot)!

Aug 09

Fergie crotch grab

“I can do that ‘lady gaga’-thing too.”
Fergie grabs her ...?! WTF?
Let's have a closer look